Female Sports Reporter Gives Interview About the Horrors She Endured in Jets Locker Room

What’s the world coming to? It’s getting so a hot chick can’t even go into an NFL team locker room without being subjected to inappropriate comments and exposed genitalia at every turn:

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson said the team will soon being talking to players as part of its investigation into alleged harassment of Mexican television reporter Ines Sainz.

“Right now, we’re working with the league and we’re doing all the fact finding, checking the facts, doing the interviews,” Johnson told ESPNNewYork.com on Monday. “Interviews with the players will start (Tuesday). We’ve talked to some of the non-players, but (Tuesday) we’ll get into it all.”

Johnson has already reached out to the TV Azteca reporter, who claimed drills were set up at Saturday’s practice so Jets players could “accidentally” bump into her. Sainz later allegedly received catcalls in the locker room.

Putting a guy named “Woody Johnson” at the center of a sexually-charged story is something I thought only the Abrahams and Zucker would have been able to dream up.

What trumps everything in this interview is the irony. Sainz is standing next to a road as Joy Behar asks her about the catcalls she heard in the Jets locker room, and as she’s describing this, drivers passing by are giving her catcalls. Watch for a while… it happens at least three times:

One thing’s for certain — Joy Behar never would have had to endure what Sainz went through.

Sorry female reporters — call me old fashioned, but if you don’t want to subject yourselves to inappropriate comments and male nudity, you might want to stay out of a men’s locker room.

Besides, where are the “equality” nuts on this issue. Are male reporters allowed in women’s locker rooms? Only when the double-standard is gone can we have an honest discussion about this.

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Author: Doug Powers

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