Michelle Obama: From ‘Hope’ to ‘Hades’?

Frankly I wouldn’t find this surprising if it really happened, but you can decide for yourself:

Michelle Obama thinks being America’s First Lady is ‘hell’, Carla Bruni reveals today in a wildly indiscreet new book.

Miss Bruni reveals that Mrs Obama replied when asked about her position as the U.S. president’s wife: ‘Don’t ask! It’s hell. I can’t stand it!’

Details of the private conversation, which took place at the White House during an official visit by Nicolas Sarkozy last March, emerged in Carla And The Ambitious, a book written in collaboration with Miss Bruni.

Dems might say that the quote is being taken out of context, and that if FLOTUS did actually say that, she was exaggerating and being funny.

Eh, I don’t know — do these look like a couple of women who joke around a lot together?


Update: White House and French Embassy deny the claim — international incident avoided.

Author: Doug Powers

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