Meet Barney Frank’s Biggest Challenger

The opponent Barney Frank has to worry about most in the upcoming election is… Barney Frank:

The Republican running against Frank, former US Marine and businessman Sean Bielat, needs to hammer that home over and over again.

Meanwhile, Frank’s feeling the heat, because he called for a Bubba Bailout. Since Clinton likes hanging out with Barney because there’s no competition for the chicks, Bill readily agreed to go to Massachusetts and campaign for him — something that in previous elections would have been completely unnecessary.

Out of all the Democrats who I’d like to see retired (Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Rangel, Boxer, etc) this November, a Frank loss would be the sweetest, though any of the above going down to defeat would a welcome improvement for America. Is all five losing too much to hope for? I thought so.

(h/t JWF)

Author: Doug Powers

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