Video: Democrats Try to Figure Out Christine O’Donnell

You know, I have to confess to being more than slightly confused this morning, because for years we’ve been reading about how it’s the Republicans who are the witch hunters, “teabaggers” hold “witch burning rallies,” and how if Sarah Palin is president, we’ll return to the 1600’s and burn witches.

How the tables have turned. I wish the mainstream media would have cared about what Barack Obama was doing and who he was following in the 1990’s as much as they’re running with something Christine O’Donnell said on Politically Incorrect around the same time.

Frankly, if O’Donnell’s going to go to Washington and vote against the continuation of massively expensive failures, union bailouts and Marxist takeovers, I couldn’t care less if she spent the better part of the 1990’s buggering barnyard animals and snorting pixie dust.

In any case, here’s exclusive video of the Democrats trying to figure out Christine O’Donnell:

Author: Doug Powers

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