Remember How High Unemployment in the Late 1970’s Made You Think Jimmy Carter Was a Muslim? Colin Powell Does Too

The unemployment rate has a direct effect on how many Americans believe the president at any given time is a Muslim.

At least that seems to be what Colin Powell said yesterday. Transcript via HAP:

POWELL: “I would tell my fellow Americans…Think carefully about some of the stuff coming across the blogs and airwaves, let’s make a couple of points, one the President was born in the United States of America, let’s get rid of that one and go to the birther thing, let’s attack him on policy, not nonsense. Next he is a Christian, he is not a Muslim, 20% of people say he is a Muslim. 80% apparently did not believe he’s a Muslim.

GREGORY: “31% of Republicans say he’s Muslim”

POWELL: “Well, surprise, surprise but I bet you a dollar if the unemployment rate wasn’t 9.6, but was down to 4%, then you would find only 5% would think he’s Muslim.”

So… if I don’t have a job I’m more likely to think the president is a Muslim? You know, that never occurred to me:

The same thing happened when Carter was president. “Lousy economy? Jimmy’s a Muslim!” High unemployment also leads to more rabbit attacks.

Otherwise, Powell thinks that, except for spending the nation into oblivion, Obama’s doing an okay job.

Author: Doug Powers

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