Chris Christie Handles Meg Whitman Heckler

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was in California campaigning for Meg Whitman.

Whitman was speaking when a heckler started calling her “Arnold in a dress” and such things, and he promptly received a verbal beatdown from Christie. I don’t know if this guy even knows what hit him yet:

Sister Toldjah pointed out what makes this so sweet, especially because it happened in California:

I’m sure some of the more radical liberal feminists in California probably flipped out for a couple of reasons when they heard the news of Christie’s stepping in on behalf of Whitman: 1) They hate Whitman and Christie and likely would have rather the heckler just went on and on, and 2) the thought of a man stepping in to defend a woman is deeply offensive to uber-left wing women who believe doing so is an “insult” to independent women worldwide because – in the minds of liberal feminists, anyway – a chivalrous man is a “dominant” type who believes women should sit back, be “subservient,” and let the man fight all of her battles. Of course, in reality that is NOT in any way what chivalrous men are really all about, but in the warped minds of militant feministas, especially in California, a man stepping in to speak on behalf of a woman is considered no different from a man slapping a woman.

In California, a Republican politician getting in the face of a lib is a hate crime, so I hope Christie got out of there before he was arrested.

Author: Doug Powers

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