Medal of Honor Recipient’s Family Denied Entrance to White House

Idaho’s Vernon Baker, who was the last living black World War II Medal of Honor winner, passed away recently.

His family was invited to the White House, but it didn’t go very well:

Family of Medal of Honor recipient Vernon Baker was denied access to the White House’s West Wing on Saturday, a day after the World War II hero was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Baker’s widow, Heidy, and grandson, Vernon Pawlik, 10, were denied entry because the boy was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. His shirt had a picture of his grandfather on it.

I know there’s a dress code for the West Wing (which is where they were invited to gain entrance), but come on, they let Michelle in there don’t they?


Maybe if the kid brought a skateboard they would have let him in:


Or maybe if the kid said he was a radical with the New Black Panther Party they would have let him in.

I’m willing to bet that if the boy’s shirt had a photo of Barack Obama on it instead of his grandfather he’d not only have been allowed in the West Wing, but he’d still be there.

Author: Doug Powers

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