Jimmy Carter Subjected to Further Indignity After Hospital Release

You’d think it would be hard enough on an ex-president’s emotional state to be hospitalized with a sick stomach, let alone to be released only to end up at a huge airport named after the man who swept you out of the White House like peanut shells from the floor of a Plains bar at closing time:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Jimmy Carter has landed in Washington after spending two nights in an Ohio hospital, where doctors said a viral infection likely gave him stomach problems.

Carter, wearing a dark blazer, walked down the steps of a private jet Thursday at Reagan National Airport, stepped into an SUV and drove away.

Jimmy’s ego is intact, however, because the most superior ex-president alive (just ask him) also has his own airport in Georgia (featuring non-stop, all-you-can-appease service to Atlanta, Savannah, Damascus and Gaza).

Author: Doug Powers

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