Drudge has a link up to the video below featuring ultra-capitalist enviro-hypocrite Al Gore campaigning for Democrat Kendrick Meek in the Florida Senate race.

Listen to how the robotronic Gore drones on endlessly and repeatedly without pause like the loudspeaker at a re-education camp while a few protesters call him a fraud:

Al can rest easy, because at least Osama Bin Laden agrees with him.

Here’s a very short quiz: At the Kendrick Meek rally featuring Al Gore, how many times were “President Obama” or “health care” mentioned from the stage? A grand total of zero.

But they did long for the past quite a bit:

Representative Kendrick Meek, the Democratic candidate for the United States Senate in the November 2nd mid-terms, also neglected to let Mr Obama’s name pass his lips during an appearance with the former vice-president in a union hall.

Instead, the black congressman lauded “President Gore” – a reference to the 2000 election, when hanging chads in Florida and the US Supreme Court cost the Democrat the White House.
In Tampa, neither Mr Gore nor Mr Meek made direct reference to Mr Obama’s historic health care legislation, his proudest achievement, or the financial bailout. Both measures are unpopular with all but hardcore Democratic supporters.
Introducing Mr Gore, Mr Meek said to whoops that he knew many would be saying: “I am here to see President Al Gore.”
“I was thinking that if we could get Clinton back in and Gore back in we might do something in this country,” said Robert Henry, 62 a retired soldier. His wife Susan, 59, said that Obama was unlucky because he “got handed an absolute train wreck” while Gore “reminds us of good times, of prosperity and peace”.

For “progressives” they do a lot of looking backward and even fantasizing about things that never came to pass, don’t they?

Here’s my favorite part of the story:

He was clearly popular in the hall, though when he referred to “giving in to wealthy corporate special interests”, a heckler shouted: “Like you!”


4 Responses to “Global Warming Causes Al Gore to Drone on Endlessly During Heckling”

  1. Joe Redfield on October 2nd, 2010 1:24 pm

    I suppose it would be inappropriate and uncivilized to suggest that we hook Senor Gore up to one of those buttons…

  2. Clu Seatoe on October 2nd, 2010 1:42 pm

    Even if Obamao was handed a train wreck, such wrecks are cleaned up quietly and quickly and new track laid. And the railroad companies are not still whining about that “…dumb driver who stalled on the track…” two years later.

    But, Mao’s solution seems to be to whine, whine, whine and not do anything constructive. Then go up and down the tracks rifling through the pockets of the injured passengers and ransacking the wreckage for anything of value.

    Then standing off to the side, waving his pistol in the air, and yelling to his cohorts, “…one more time, go through it again. Get it all, get it all.”

  3. OK_Loyalist on October 2nd, 2010 2:05 pm

    Thing that is never mentioned when discussing the train wreck scenario, is that all the spending legislation is originated in the House of Representatives and that the Dumb-o-craps has had control of it since 2007.

    Where GW messed up, he signed their massive spending bills as Quid Pro Quo for financing the war.

  4. SignPainterGuy on October 3rd, 2010 4:29 pm

    Gotta say, I LOVE IT when a liar gets a well deserved slap-down, even if he is able to pretend he doesn`t notice !! I trust he WILL get his proper comeuppance one day !! It can`t come soon enough for me !!

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