‘One Nation Unionizing Together’ Rally Attendee Has Firm Grip on Constitutional Law — Update: Trashapalooza

Today’s “One Nation” rally in DC will leave the left with one disappointment they’ll never admit: Even the Associated Press is reporting that attendance was far less than Glenn Beck’s gathering in late August.

That said, thousands were there. It’s heartwarming to see how much patriotism 2,000 free buses, union marching orders and an insatiable desire to further legalize the stealing of the fruits of somebody else’s labor can muster.

Amanda Carpenter was on-scene and took this picture:


Yep, Fox News is not only a right-wing propaganda arm, but now it’s unconstitutional. This will come as a surprise to anybody who has actually read the constitution, but not to the majority of union puppets and Marxist progressive moonbats in attendance.

I’m sure there will be even more interesting pictures trickling in as the day goes on. I was watching for a while on C-SPAN’s website and saw somebody carrying a large American flag on a long pole, and the flag was being flown upside-down. That person must work for Obama’s office of protocol.

I watched C-SPAN’s coverage of Big Laborfest 2010 as long as I could stand, giving up after I heard Harry Belafonte say there were only 50 members of Al Qaeda. Belafonte, if you recall, is the Castro/Chavez hugging singer who made his bones entertaining crowds of mostly white people but who nevertheless referred to any blacks who worked for George W. Bush as “uncle Toms.”

Rest assured, if I can find video of this, I’ll post it quickly.


By way of HAP, here’s some of today’s aftermath:

Compare that to the Mall after Beck’s rally — and keep in mind the crowd size was from most reports quadrupled that of today’s big-labor rally — and probably way more:

Then of course there’s the “gold standard” for public littering on the Mall, which was Obama’s inauguration, where a million people gathered to celebrate the coronation of the man who was going to clean up this planet:

Doug Ross has lots more here.

Update II: The photo here was taken after the rally in front of the monument honoring the president the Obamaniacs claim to have the utmost respect for — aside from Obama of course.

Author: Doug Powers

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