Good News: Elena Kagan Being Forced to Recuse Herself From a Boatload of Cases

A left-wing activist judge being forced to recuse herself from almost half of the cases in front of the Supreme Court so far can mean nothing but good news for America:

Elena Kagan begins hearing cases as the Supreme Court’s 112th justice Monday morning. But anyone who wants to see her in action needs to be sharp.

Kagan will hear the first case argued before the court, then slip quietly through the burgundy velvet curtains behind the bench. She’ll be out of the action in all three cases : Tuesday. Her chair will be empty when the court returns next Tuesday and she’ll put in a half-day the next day.

Kagan’s old job as solicitor general – the “10th justice” – is initially making it hard to do her new job as the ninth justice.

Kagan, 50, has recused herself from 25 of the 51 cases the court has accepted so far this term, all as a result of her 14-month tenure as solicitor general, the government’s chief legal representative in the Supreme Court and the nation’s lower appellate courts.

Kagan plans to use her extra free time to play the title role in “The Nathan Lane Story” on Broadway.

Anything that keeps her off the bench is fine with me.

Author: Doug Powers

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