CNN’s Bold New Strategy to Win Over the Heartland: Guests Who Bash Sarah Palin

Fox News has dominated CNN in the ratings ever since Obama’s teleprompter was in telediapers, but CNN is getting serious about trying to win over some of those Fox News viewers… kind of… okay, maybe not.

The “Parker Spitzer” show debuted on CNN Monday, and I think one strategy to increase ratings is to have on at least one leftist a night who is thrown the “Sarah Palin” bait and letting the lib-in-question go into a feeding frenzy of name calling.

One of guests on the first show was screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who was asked about Sarah Palin and called her an “idiot,” “mean” and “jaw-droppingly incompetent”:

To be called “mean” by somebody who spent who-knows-how-many years financially supporting drug cartels with his nostrils is a thing to behold.

And then on last night’s show, leftist director Oliver Stone — whose most famous pictures are “Platoon,” “Wall Street” and the one where his nose inexplicably appeared in Hugo Chavez’s colonoscopy photo — called Palin a moron. And just for a high-kick finish, Stone somehow managed to align Palin with the Ku Klux Klan movement (I’ve seen her in a hooded sweatshirt before — a dead giveaway):

That’s just the kind of show that’ll raise the ratings in middle America: Left wing, dictator-loving, drug addicted guests spouting off to a phony alleged conservative and a serial whorehumper about what’s not right with America.

Who will be the Palin-bashing guest du jour for Wednesday? How about super-stalker Joe McGinniss?

As for viewers, Treacher sums it up: Client 9, Viewers 0

Author: Doug Powers

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