Obama’s Substantive, Non-Narcissistic Approach to Rallying Dems: ‘Don’t Make Me Look Bad!’

Now this is leadership:

I like how that’s framed — Obama’s setting it up so his failure isn’t his fault, but rather the fault of the disenchanted, de-motivated Hope & Change sheeple who voted for him in 2008.

Either Obama went off-prompter for this, or TOTUS has developed a wicked stutter.

The line is of course stolen from General Patton, who implored his troops, “Don’t make me look bad!” I think Reagan also said something similar at the Berlin Wall in 1987: “Mr. Gorbachev, don’t make me look bad!”

Hope & Change derailment update: The super race-baiter with the flammable hair, Al Sharpton, blamed listeners to his radio show for the horrible outlook for Dems, and Al pretty much called them lazy freeloaders. I wonder how liberals like feeling victimized by their core demographic.

By the way, anybody who actually listens to Sharpton’s show on a regular basis deserves whatever insults are hurled their way.

(h/t Freedoms Lighthouse)

Author: Doug Powers

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