MSM Indifference Over Obama Book Incident Explained: Thrower is an Obamaniac, Not a Teabagger

Last evening I wrote a bit about the “book thrown at Obama” story over at Michelle M’s place — but that was before the book hurler had been identified.

Had the book thrown towards Obama been written by Glenn Beck, and that the person who hurled it been a “teabagger,” we’d be looking at the lead story on all nightly newscasts, but alas, the book thrower is a Hope & Change Kool Aid guzzler:

The Secret Service says it questioned and released an overexuberant fan of President Barack Obama who had tossed a paperback book near the president at a Philadelphia rally on Sunday.

Spokesman Ed Donovan said the man had written the book and hoped the president would read it. Donovan said agents concluded the man posed no danger.

Here’s video of the toss… “Barack, and to the left… Barack, and to the left…”

It’s probably too much to hope for that the Secret Service at least gave the book throwing Obamagasmic moron a comprehensive cavity search — they might have been able to help him retrieve his head.

This was at the same rally where a guy streaked near Obama in an attempt to be paid $1 million. It’ll be awesome if he’s paid the money but the city fines him $1.5 million for the stunt.

(h/t JWF)

Author: Doug Powers

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