Sarah Takes a Jab at Queen Michelle

This kind of thing will get the left off their hinges even more — if such a thing is possible. It’s bad enough that Sarah Palin dares criticize The Won, but now she’s denigrating the Queen:

“You know, when I hear people say, or had said during the campaign that they’ve never been proud of America, haven’t they met anybody in uniform yet?”

Yes, Sarah, she has met people in uniform. And no, I don’t think it does much for her level of pride in America as it existed before her husband tried (and continues to try) to turn it into a socialist unicorn ranch in fantasy land that his wife can finally be proud of:

Ouch! I can see pissed off Obamabots, Hope & Change Kool Aid guzzlers and PDS sufferers from my house!

Here’s the progressive tripe from 2008 Palin is apparently referring to:

(h/t Weasel Zippers by way of HAP)

Author: Doug Powers

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