Union Stagehand Setting Up For Obama LA Rally Sent Home for Wearing Bush Shirt

And no, not even a George W. Bush shirt… but his father.

A union worker in Los Angeles was setting up a stage for use at an Obama/Dem rally & traffic jam-fest this afternoon, and he was wearing a USS George H.W. Bush sweatshirt and hat. His son serves on the ship.

The union told him to go home and turn the sweatshirt inside out and to ditch the hat.

News story video by way of HAP:

Hope, Change and intolerant Union thuggery at its conjoined finest.

I thank his son for his service even though the union dembots can’t or won’t allow his father to do it publicly.

Note: As I mentioned in comments, I’ve seen this story reported as the union member was fired — maybe he was — but the reporter uses that word, and the man says he was sent home to change (but wouldn’t). I’m not sure if he was fired, quit or was technically suspended, but either way it’s a stupid reason to get hassled. (Update: Yup, fired)

In a related story, a union worker caught eating lunch from a can of Bush’s Baked Beans has been suspended for two weeks.


Just to reiterate, union workers are not allowed political clothing of any kind while at work before or during a presidential event:


Author: Doug Powers

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