New Posts at Michelle Malkin

Some of you know that the amazing Michelle Malkin is good enough to allow me to blog over at her website, so sometimes if you don’t see new posts here, check over there.

Normally I don’t have time to do a separate post here linking to what I’ve written at Michelle’s place, but because today I have four posts so far there, here are the links:

Election Year Hail Mary: Obama Finally Discovers “By Their Creator” (hey, there it is!)

–The “Tea Partier/Hitler Comparison” Celebutard of the Day (because I believe that every time a Hollywood lefty is bashed, an angel gets its wings)

–Report: Michelle Obama to Meet With Commercial Sex Workers in India (they do the same thing this Congress and president does, except cheaper and classier)

–When Unauthorized Pledges of Allegiance Attack (totally awesome)

It was a good day — lots of writing, a Michigan State comeback win over Northwestern, and now we’re off to a friend’s birthday party. Time to relax! Enjoy your Saturday night, all!

Author: Doug Powers

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