Clooney vs. Looney

Bill Maher had as a guest George Clooney. True, Clooney is a Hollywood liberal, so I don’t think Maher was expecting to be stopped in his tracks the way he was.

Here’s the setup line from Maher, where he parroted the tired old “conservatives don’t care about people” bull:

MAHER: I think this is a big difference between liberals and conservatives. You know, I don’t think conservatives are bad people. I think they have a hard time being empathetic to people who are not like them at all.

Clearly Maher expected Clooney to take the bait and run with it, but instead Maher, not to mention the majority of his audience, came off looking like the clueless asshats:

I don’t think Clooney intended that as a smackdown, but that’s what it turned out to be.

Here’s another fact Maher can pretend to ignore: Conservatives are more charitable givers than liberals — probably because the left is far more likely to take the “empathetic” approach and wait for the government to fix everything.

Author: Doug Powers

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