Congressman Tackling Pressing World Issue of Baseball Players Chewing Tobacco at World Series

I have a theory that most politicians who get nosey and intrusive in the world of sports were the pencil-neck dorks who were picked last — if ever — when teams were being formed in high school gym class. As a result, they’ve been hell-bent for payback against those jocks ever since.

Enter New Jersey Rep. Frank Pallone, who can’t even watch a baseball game without getting an ass-pucker about something:

The chairman of the Energy and Commerce subcommittee on health asked the heads of the World Series teams on Monday to ban the use of chewing tobacco on the field and in the dugout during this year’s World Series, which begins Wednesday

Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) made the request in letters to the presidents of the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants. Pallone held a hearing in April to examine the effects on youth of smokeless tobacco use by MLB players.

I don’t want kids using tobacco, but if we’re going to express concern for their well-being and what they’re exposed to, I can think of better areas to start. Check out Pallone’s horrendous pro-abortion record. I’d say that if he really cares about kids, he should start revising those stances and then get back to baseball players about their tobacco habits.

And San Francisco? Sure, lets tell the team from the the city that hands out free heroin needles and condoms not to use tobacco because it sends the wrong message to kids.

Try minding your own business and putting a clamp on record debt, Rep. Pallone, and I’ll make sure my kids aren’t unduly influenced by Josh Hamilton. Fair enough?

Author: Doug Powers

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