“Women have abortions because they care about motherhood… I don’t think people realize that.” — Dr. Elizabeth Newhall Yes that’s right, from the same woman who brought you “Hitler only killed the Jews because he loved kosher food” (or maybe not, but it sounds like something she’d say). This clip makes me like the million […]

Don’t pop the cork yet, because you never know what can happen (up to and including “voting irregularities), but it looks as if left-wing, loathsome, repugnant nut-case Florida Rep. Alan Grayson’s days in DC might be numbered: Holding a steady 7-point lead over a controversial and increasingly malodorous incumbent, Republican Daniel Webster is poised to […]

I have a theory that most politicians who get nosey and intrusive in the world of sports were the pencil-neck dorks who were picked last — if ever — when teams were being formed in high school gym class. As a result, they’ve been hell-bent for payback against those jocks ever since. Enter New Jersey […]

Joy Behar allegedly used to be a comedian, but these days she’s a hell of a lot funnier when she’s trying to be serious. This time the Behar was trying to defend NPR’s firing of Juan Williams, saying that NPR isn’t biased because they’ve been “vetted by ‘Media Matters’ type people.” Media Matters — that […]

Last night I watched the entire segment and couldn’t believe that Team Obama couldn’t manage to get this story spiked until after the election — possibly an indicator that their days of having the MSM on puppet strings have drawn to a close. Obama keeps hanging his hat on the 9.5-ish percent unemployment rate, which […]

Last week I wrote about a ridiculous article in New York Magazine citing a Harvard Business Review study which concluded that Michelle Obama has generated $2.7 billion in value for clothing companies. This is due to what is claimed is the public clamoring for anything worn by the First Lady. In that post, I cited […]

Yeah, it’s real: Self defense techniques in Australia differ greatly from those in the States. Dammit.

Bill Maher had as a guest George Clooney. True, Clooney is a Hollywood liberal, so I don’t think Maher was expecting to be stopped in his tracks the way he was. Here’s the setup line from Maher, where he parroted the tired old “conservatives don’t care about people” bull: MAHER: I think this is a […]

Last week, Sarah Palin warned Republicans against getting overconfident, saying “don’t party like it’s 1773 just yet.” The super-smart left snickered at her stupidity. Oh that dumb ol’ Sarah: WTF happened in 1773? Oh, not much: This wouldn’t even have been funny if the historical ignorance wasn’t coming from a bunch of smug liberals who […]

Some of you know that the amazing Michelle Malkin is good enough to allow me to blog over at her website, so sometimes if you don’t see new posts here, check over there. Normally I don’t have time to do a separate post here linking to what I’ve written at Michelle’s place, but because today […]

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