Stuffed Donkey Wearing ‘Fire Pelosi’ Shirt Left at DNC Headquarters


In 1992, a life sized donkey was placed at the front door of the Republican National Committee offices. It was a fitting prank in a year when Democrats took the White House and retained majorities in the House and Senate.

Last night, Republicans got payback.

That same donkey, shown here, was delivered after midnight to the steps of the DNC, covered in logo gear from the GOP’s successful 2010 campaign to take back a majority in the House.

This was the scene:


In the art world, putting Pelosi’s name on a donkey is known as working in the “ass-on-ass” genre.

Speaking of outgoing Speaker Pelosi, here’s the cartoon of the day:


I’m not even sure it’ll be that easy — I think she’ll end up taking hostages.

Author: Doug Powers

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