Idiotic Comparison of the Day: Chappaquiddick vs. Sarah Quit It

Today’s “idiotic comparison” prize goes to PBS’s Mark “Panty” Shields for equating the effect that Sarah Palin resigning as Alaska governor might have on her presidential ambitions to that of how Ted Kennedy plunging his Oldsmobile (along with a passenger) into the drink on Martha’s Vineyard had on his presidential ambitions:

On the subject of Sarah Palin in 2012, one of the unspoken problems that she does have is her quitting as governor midway through her first term. It is like Ted Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick. It was not a problem among Democrats. It will be a problem when she runs for president because it is a higher threshold for the office.

How many people died when Palin stepped down as governor? Did she not report herself stepping down for 12 hours until she sobered up? Did she get her daddy to help pay for the legal defense of her resignation? I don’t quite get it.

Not only that, but looks as if not finishing a term as governor is more of an automatic disqualifier when it comes to occupying the Oval Office than not finishing a term as Senator.

Author: Doug Powers

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