Hmm: Mystery Missile Launch Off California Coast; Updated


Early evening yesterday, about 35 miles west of Los Angeles, a missile launch lit up the sky. The problem is, nobody claims to know who launched it:

A mysterious missile launch off the southern California coast was caught by CBS affiliate KCBS’s cameras Monday night, and officials are staying tight-lipped over the nature of the projectile.

CBS station KFMB put in calls to the Navy and Air Force Monday night about the striking launch off the coast of Los Angeles, which was easily visible from the coast, but the military has said nothing about the launch.

KFMB showed video of the apparent missile to former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Robert Ellsworth, who is also a former Deputy Secretary of Defense, to get his thoughts.

Did somebody accidentally lean on a “launch” button in a sub? Was it Nancy Pelosi taking one last joyride on her private Speaker’s jet? You be the judge:

Did that guy theorize that maybe Obama was trying to somehow intimidate Beijing while he was overseas? How? By scaring the crap out of Los Angeles?

You’d think a missile launch 35 miles off the coast of Los Angeles that our military had no part in would have triggered some national defense measures, wouldn’t you? At least a switch to “DefCon WTF?” might be in order — but we’ll have to wait and see what’s going on with this.

Whatever happened, sleep well, America — Janet Napolitano is on the job!

Or… maybe it was Napolitano!


Update: Possible validation of my “Nancy Pelosi’s last joyride” theory from the Washington Times: Smoke plume may have been aircraft

(h/t Michelle Malkin)

Author: Doug Powers

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