Obama Glad to Meet Indian Communist

Why India’s left-wing has been in protesting Obama’s visit is beyond me — maybe they just don’t know him well enough yet.

Unfortunately, this is not satire:

New Delhi: The Left may have staged protests during his visit but US President Barack Obama was “glad” to meet an Indian communist leader last evening.

“I am glad to meet an Indian communist. I am told that communists have been part of the (Indian) political mainstream,” Obama told CPM Politburo member Sitaram Yechury at the Rashtrapati Bhawan banquet as they were introduced and both shook hands.

Can you imagine Ronald Reagan saying he was glad to meet a communist? And yet, if the quote is anywhere near accurate, it seems to roll off Obama’s tongue with ease and comfort like he’s happy to have finally met the president of a local VFW or a Yooper (which wouldn’t be nearly as thrilling for him, by the way).

Communists in India obviously have intrigued the president. Earlier during his trip, he expressed curiosity at a dinner:

Obama is learn’t to have asked Mukherjee about the entry of communists in India into the parliamentary system in India. Mukherjee is understood to have pointed out that Indian communists were part of the mainstream and like social democrats.

Mukherjee then asked Obama about the entry of communists into the American political system… or so I imagine.

Author: Doug Powers

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