Chris Matthews’ Leg Thrill Has a Wandering Thigh These Days

It looks as if the “leg thrill” might have a wandering eye — thigh in this case. Has Chris Matthews’ tingle found a new femur-fatale?

Hillary Clinton was joking around with a couple of comedians in Australia, and Matthews enjoyed it, going so far as to say that if Hillary would have let out this side of her personality more during the 2008 campaign, she might be president today:

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: And a look at Hillary Clinton that might make — well, let’s put it this way. Had you seen this Hillary Clinton back in 2008, I think a lot of people would have made her president. We’re going to show you a taste right now.

The problem isn’t that Hillary never showed any personality in 2008, it’s that Matthews’ former leg-tingler-in-chief Barack Obama has been such a letdown that Hillary can talk about anything and it’s enough to fill Chris’s twitchy Hope trousers with buyer’s remorse.

Watch the video below that’s making Matthews’ leg thrill think about cheating on Obama. I was in on all the fun up until that first big cackle, then she lost me yet again.

The discussion between Hillary and the two Australian guys revolves around Hillary Clinton’s love of potato chips — something that helps give the Clintons a common bond in their marriage, because everybody knows how much Bill enjoys his Lays:

Update: Apparently Hillary had been moonlighting as a traffic cone but has called it quits.

Author: Doug Powers

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