If the TSA Can’t Grope Kids the Terrorists Win

Are they going overboard these days? It would appear so. But hey, anything to avoid the appearance of profiling:

I for one would have felt a lot safer on the plane after witnessing that patdown — the kid looked a little shifty.

Things like that accomplish nothing with the possible exception of encouraging pedophiles to apply for TSA jobs.

The actual threats to our national security must be getting a real kick out of what they’ve managed to cause.

What’s the solution? Somewhere in between the extreme over-reaction above, and this:


Update: The Danish MP thinks he has a better idea for national security — he believes that displaying photos of women’s breasts will help make the country safer, thinking it will keep fundamental Islamists from entering the country.

However, ZIP over at Weasel Zippers displays a helluva sample picture but points out that because terrorists blow themselves and others to bits because they want to see boobs, this method might backfire.

(h/t Hot Air)

Author: Doug Powers

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