Liberal Outrage of the Day: Football Team’s Trick Play a Form of Child Abuse

Whenever you need a laugh, you can always count on those kooky, publicly funded balls of laughs at NPR.

Oh, but first, if you haven’t seen it, watch the video of the middle school football team’s trick play so it all makes sense:

Now the outrage:

The play is legal, and just about everybody who has seen it gets a real hoot out of it. In one online poll, 92.1 percent of those who voted said the play was genius.

Well, it isn’t funny, and it isn’t right.
But the Driscoll team didn’t act instinctively to try to put one over on a ref. The middle schoolers didn’t even come up with the ruse. Their coach dreamed up the play, and even participated in it, hollering from the sideline. The referees weren’t victimized. In fact, they had to play along.

No, it was only the other team’s kids who were embarrassed and belittled by a children’s coach being a wise guy, a bully of sorts. It wasn’t genius at all; rather, it was a form of child abuse. Sure, it was legal, but it wasn’t fair.

Laugh at kids being outslicked by a grown-up, and you’re cruel. That isn’t sport.

Laughing at grown-up liberals, now there’s a sport!

Somebody please tell this guy the game ended in an automatic, “no hurt feelings” mandated tie so he’ll calm down! I will confess to being somewhat surprised he didn’t blame Bush for the mean trick play.

Aren’t most plays are designed to fool the other team? Otherwise there would be no need for a huddle — or maybe the author thinks all the players do in there is bitch about global warming and Gitmo.

(h/t Weasel Zippers)

Author: Doug Powers

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