Proctologist Wants to Place Colonoscopy Announcement in Government Tax Notices, Government Doesn’t Want the Competition

Somebody finally came up with the perfect insert — if you’ll pardon the expression — for tax notices, but a local tax office didn’t think it would be a good fit:

GRANGEVILLE, Idaho — An Idaho treasurer resisted a doctor’s push to include colonoscopy reminders in annual tax notices, fearing some taxpayers would find the notes “ironic.”

Idaho County Treasurer Sharon Cox denied the request from Dr. Andrew Jones in a letter Tuesday.

Cox says she does not find colon cancer humorous, but given many taxpayer opinions of taxes, “recommending a colonoscopy in the same envelope as the tax notice may be considered ironic.”

That’s not ironic — “ironic” would have been to place “this is a stick-up” notes in with the tax collection forms… maybe along with a free sample:


Even though the government declined the colonoscopy announcement, the government did end up offering the doctor a job with the TSA.


Author: Doug Powers

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