Glenn Beck Unsatisfied With ‘Airplane Contrail’ Explanation

What continues to be a little odd is that it took the government so long to determine that this was merely a passenger flight heading toward the west coast of the US. It seems like a two-minute phone call to the FAA could have confirmed that. The government (and many others) say the contrail, as well as what looked like an engine flame, were merely optical illusions caused by twilight conditions, giving it the appearance of a missile.

Maybe it was an airplane, but Beck is unconvinced, as you’ll see below. Beck says he’s talked to sources in the Defense Department, and his theory at least deserves discussion.

I’ve seen optical illusions play tricks with minds before, so that’s certainly possible, but I’ve also seen rocket launches that looked a lot like this too.

Take it away, Glenn:

(h/t The Right Scoop)

Author: Doug Powers

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