TSA Literally Strip-Searches Young Boy, Skies Safer

It just keeps getting more ridiculous.

In this short video (h/t HAP), you can see a boy’s dad standing behind his son, but the dad later moves and it’s clear the TSA has taken the boy’s shirt off and is doing a pat-down on a kid who obviously fits the profile of every terrorist you’ve ever seen.

Taking off a shirt in a crowd of strangers — just the kind of thing a shy kid loves being made to do:

All because nobody at the top is willing to recognize and act on the nature of the threat.

Not only that, but CAIR has requested that the only pat-down of Muslim women by the TSA should be of the head and neck area. CAIR also insists that Muslim women should be giving the option of patting themselves down — you know, just in case they forgot about that bomb they put in their hijab. More pathetic yet, our crack Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano is reportedly taking it under consideration.

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Author: Doug Powers

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