Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re taking the kids over the river and through the woods to their grandparents house soon, and hopefully you all get to spend the day with family and friends.

The food-fest will start shortly — around halftime of the Lions/Patriots game. Tim at Pundit Press doesn’t give the Lions good odds today — which is almost always a safe bet, at least in the past decade. No matter how much talent you have on a team, when you’re setting near record numbers for penalties, you’re not going to win.

And here’s a reminder in case you hadn’t heard: In a gesture to her subjects that is most merciful, Michelle Obama has given Americans permission to eat pie today.

Here’s something I don’t dare try eating: A turbaconducken. Alright, so I would try it… but luckily I don’t have time to make one today.

Happy Thanksgiving all! See you back here tomorrow — or tonight if anything earth-shattering happens.

Update — Fitting to the occasion, the famous WKRP in Cincinnati “turkey drop” scene (h/t Jawa Report):

WKRP Turkey Drop from Mitch Cohen on Vimeo.

Author: Doug Powers

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