Good lord, talk about a badge of honor for the Tea Party. If somebody who once exercised sound enough judgement to marry a drug-addicted rock star, has had so much plastic surgery that when she showed up at Madame Tussauds they thought she looked too fake to be her own museum wax double, and fully […]

The media, blogs and others have been mocking Sarah Palin for saying “we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies,” even though if you listen to the entire clip, seconds earlier Palin mentioned the sanctions against North Korea. She knows the difference even though the left would like to pretend otherwise. One of those […]

We’re taking the kids over the river and through the woods to their grandparents house soon, and hopefully you all get to spend the day with family and friends. The food-fest will start shortly — around halftime of the Lions/Patriots game. Tim at Pundit Press doesn’t give the Lions good odds today — which is […]

President Obama pardoned two turkeys today — no, not Joe Biden and the stimulus. Looks like Obama even tried to “fist bump” one of the birds that was flown in from California, but the turkey wasn’t having any of that — I think the bird’s still ticked at having its giblets violated by the TSA: […]

While Michelle Obama was making the rounds trying to get 6,000 salad bars installed in the nation’s schools and stressing the importance of a well-balanced, government-funded, union-prepared diet, Barack Obama and Joe Biden countered by buying lots of cream-stuffed fried goodies at a bake sale at Our Lady of the Narrowing Artery in Indiana: After […]

Of course, by “Obama administration” they mean taxpayers. One way or another, the public will buy these things! From Fox News: President Barack Obama’s administration has bought almost a fourth of the Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Co. hybrid vehicles sold since he took office, accelerating federal purchases as consumer demand wanes. The U.S. […]

Today’s episode of “write your own joke” is sponsored by Barney Frank. From CNS News: House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank (D.-Mass.) predicts that serving on the Appropriations Committee in the incoming Republican-majority House of Representatives will be a “great pain in the ass.” I’m not going to say it. Nope, I’m just not going […]

Just to offer both sides of the story, Kim Jong Il is claiming these are only airplane contrails: No doubt the obligatory “strongly worded letter” is being drafted as we speak: North and South Korea exchanged artillery fire on Tuesday after dozens of shells fired from the North struck a South Korean island near the […]

This TSA business is getting so pathetically comical that I have a new theory: All of us who fly are unwittingly starring in the next Sacha Baron Cohen movie. Except instead of Borat, this time Cohen has recruited thousands of actors disguised as TSA agents to make a mockery of air travel. Try and watch […]

The science is settled: Carbon billionaire Al Gore’s “green” house of cards is crumbling. As a result he’s being forced to jettison the obviously failing parts of it in order to try and keep the rest of the sham afloat: ATHENS, Nov 22 (Reuters) – Former U.S. vice-president Al Gore said support for corn-based ethanol […]

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