January 2009: Mr. Obama agreed when Mr. Stephanopoulos asked if he wanted Americans to know that “everybody in the country is going to have to sacrifice something, accept change for the greater good.” “Everybody is going to have to give. Everybody is going to have to have some skin in the game,” Mr. Obama said […]

Stop the presses! The economy is a little safer for at least one bonus day. Maybe Obama found out how pissed off R. Lee Ermey is and decided to hole up on the Island a while longer. The real “breaking news” we need to brace ourselves for is when he gets back to Washington.

Former US Marine drill instructor turned actor R. Lee Ermey recently appeared at a Toys for Tots/USO benefit, and he quickly emptied the clip on the socialist Hope & Change experiment. I changed the start code to skip some of the intro so as to get right to the good stuff, but you can hit […]

I bet these are some seriously jumpy animals: Riyadh, Dec 29 (DPA) A beauty competition for goats began Wednesday in Saudi Arabia, as part of an auction bringing together traders and herders in the holy Muslim city of Mecca. Auction supervisor Fawzi al-Subhi said that over 170 animals are competing for the coveted title ‘most […]

No, not that one — I’m talking about the real “first black president” — although he may soon be stripped of that title. This Chicago mayoral race should be fun. It’s barely gotten underway and already Bill Clinton is kinda-sorta being called a racist: Two candidates for mayor told former President Bill Clinton to cancel […]

Tingles certainly didn’t want to close out his year with this kind of a letdown: The White House is taking extra steps to prevent photos of a shirtless President Obama on vacation in Hawaii. The president and his family are on a snorkeling trip in Hamauma Bay Nature Reserve, and traveling press are under “explicit […]

Here’s a nice battery re-charger on a semi slow news day: Race-baiting blowhard Al Sharpton getting knocked to the ground on the Morton Downey Jr. Show, circa many years ago. I’ll go ahead and dedicate this theraputic hunk of feelgood video to the Duke lacrosse team: (h/t The Right Scoop)

Oprah’s new network debuts on New Years Day. Are you excited? Me neither. And Oprah’s gone out of her way to make sure I never even peek at the channel out of curiosity: “Today’s topics: Fire still can’t melt steel, how I haven’t stopped hating Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and why I only got married because Bush […]

When Tingles asks of Obama, “if it exists, why not put it out,” I think he’s referring to Obama’s long-form birth certificate — you never can be too sure when it comes to Captain Legthrill. The underlying current that Matthews puts in motion here is kind of funny: “I’m not a birther. I’m the anti-birther. […]

Why are Russian immigrants moving toward the GOP and away from the left/libs? Because they’ve seen this movie before and didn’t like the ending: STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Many Russian immigrants to the “red borough” of Staten Island are flocking to the Republican Party, saying that the national Democrats’ “socialistic” policies remind them too much […]

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