White House: Extend Unemployment Benefits or 600,000 May Lose Their Jobs (huh?)


I’m guessing that most of these “jobs lost” they’re referring to if unemployment benefits aren’t again extended will be people who work at the unemployment office:

The White House on Thursday warned that the country could pay a heavy price for not extending federal unemployment insurance.

Failing to extend the jobless benefits could cost the country about 600,000 jobs by the end of 2011, according to a report from the White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), and depress economic growth by 0.6 percent.

The CEA’s report says that previous extensions of unemployment insurance provided a significant boost to the economy. Employment as of September was about 800,000 higher than it would have been without the extensions, the report said, while economic growth was 0.8 percent higher.

In one breath they tell us that jobless benefits are good for the economy but in the next they want us to worry about the negative economic impact of more people being jobless, which would lead to them getting the jobless benefits that boost the economy? Paradox overdose!

At what point does this “jobless benefits boost the economy” philosophy become stupid? Pretty much immediately. With this kind of thinking, the economy will only be healthy and functioning at 100% efficiency if everybody is on unemployment.

There’s no more of a lethal mix than politicians who are shady, disingenuous and dangerously incompetent.

Author: Doug Powers

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