Eco Hypocrites of the Day

Quarterback Tom Brady & sooper-doopermodel Gisele Bundchen are big supporters of “Earth Hour,” the occasion where everyone is urged to turn off their lights for one hour to draw attention to the climate change that’s being caused by the gluttonous energy usage of everybody except Al Gore, Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, James Cameron and all the rest.

This past spring, you might have seen stories like this one featuring Tom & Gisele stressing the importance of not wasting electricity:

With that in mind, this holiday season, the pair will light up their mansion in a manner that will give Clark Griswold a run for his money:

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s electric bill is gonna be through the roof this Xmas — TMZ has learned the couple is spending $7,500 to light and decorate their L.A. mansion for the Holidays.

Sources close to the couple tell us … G&T placed an order with A-1 Christmas Trees and Lights in L.A. on Tuesday — purchasing two twelve-foot Christmas trees … and a whole mess of lights for their house … totaling approximately $7,500.

But they’ll be sure to have those lights turned off in time for the next Earth Hour, just so they’re not being hypocritical.

With the exception of their Christmas lights, the couple is doing their part to save electricity. Oh, and also with the exception of Pats night games:


But other than that, they’re keeping those lights off and savin… what? Oh. And also with the exception of Gisele’s photo shoots:


Otherwise Tom & Gisele are doing their part to save the planet by cutting out unnecessary electrical usage… your unnecessary electrical usage.

In fairness to Tom & Gisele, the story mentions all the lights they’re purchasing, but it doesn’t say that they plan to plug them in and turn them on.

(h/t Ed Driscoll)

Author: Doug Powers

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