Not Out of the Woods Yet: Rangel Being Rangel

Heh. Charles Rangel’s quite the piece of work — or piece of something. Rangel might have used his PAC to defend himself against ethics charges, which would be a violation of… you guessed it: ethics rules.

The corruption circle-of-life continues perpetually:

The Federal Election Commission is investigating a complaint that Rep. Charles Rangel improperly used his National Leadership PAC to fund his legal defense on ethics charges for which he was censured Thursday, The Post has learned.

The FEC is acting on a complaint by the National Legal and Policy Center filed after The Post reported last month that Rangel paid nearly $400,000 from his PAC.

It’s a little like being accused of bank robbery, hiring a lawyer for your defense, instructing him to plead “not guilty” on your behalf, and then robbing a different bank to pay him.

Update: Now he’s just rubbing it in:

The Harlem Democrat said that as he stood on the House floor Thursday for a verbal rebuke by the speaker, he thought of “the people in my district and throughout the United States who feel the pain of unemployment, lack of jobs, lack of hope.”

Nothing like being in the unemployment line and hearing a corrupt career politician partly responsible for the country’s woes express appreciation at the fact that he’s not being made to live in a reality he helped create for everybody else.

Author: Doug Powers

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