Anti-Capitalist Pro-Cuban Healthcare Hypocrite Filmmaker Checks Into Luxury Miami Fat Farm


It’s a good thing Michael Moore is one of those anti-capitalists who has taken advantage of the free market to make millions of dollars proving how bad capitalism is, or he might not be able to do this:

The liberal filmmaker recently checked into a $4,500 a week luxury weight loss spa in Miami, a patron of the spa confirms.

Moore visited the Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa in mid-November. The resort’s campus features “650 acres of lush tropical gardens, fountains, water features and other amenities,” its website boasts.
Hopefully, Moore’s recent visit helps. A fellow patron of the spa said he didn’t look well.

“He didn’t look like he wanted to talk. And neither did I. But he sure was fat, even fatter than he looks on TV, like he’d gained a hundred pounds,” the source said, adding that Moore was receiving private training.

Moore was going to go to a luxury spa in that health-care heaven that is Cuba, but he couldn’t find one.

It’ll be okay, Michael — just don’t eat and your body will be able to feed off its own hypocrisy for at least a year.

Author: Doug Powers

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