TSA Patdown of India’s Ambassador to the US Sparks Apparent International Incident

Every once in a while it’s nice to see a brush-pitch thrown to those who continually think they’re above the rules everybody else has to follow:

India’s foreign minister said Thursday it was unacceptable that the country’s ambassador to the United States was patted down by a security agent at a Mississippi airport, and said he would complain to Washington.
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told reporters Thursday that the State Department is looking into the matter and is trying to determine what can be done to prevent such incidents in the future. She expressed concern but did not apologize for the incident and said it was not raised when she met with the Indian ambassador and other Indian officials on Tuesday.

The Ambassador said she felt “humiliated.” The TSA said she felt “kinda lumpy.”

Hillary said she’d avoid the patdown if she could, too, so the Indian Ambassador certainly has a sympathetic partner in the US State Department.

But don’t worry, the US government’s working like crazy to ensure that the travel rights of foreign dignitaries aren’t again violated in the future. Your rights? Eh, who cares:

Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant said the state has asked for an investigation. He said this wasn’t just a random search of a passenger

“It certainly is troubling to me that they would not have the good sense to realize this is the ambassador with diplomatic papers and a roomful of people, including the governor’s staff, verifying who she is,” Bryant said.

Because diplomatic papers would be almost impossible to forge and fool the TSA with.

It sounds to me as if India’s working towards an unconditional Obamapology. During Obama’s visit they had the coconuts removed for him and everything, and how they’re repaid:

India Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna said Thursday that this was the second time the ambassador had been treated this way in three months and that he would take up the issue with the U.S. government.

“Let me be very frank that this is unacceptable to India,” he said.

Next time I hope the TSA guy gives her such an overzealous search that he loses his wristwatch.

India is talking about possible sanctions against the US for this incident, up to and including denying Americans access to tech support for a full month.

Video from CNN:

Author: Doug Powers

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