Baba Wawa Reminds Sarah Palin That ‘Many People’ Find the Thought of Her Being President ‘Scawwy’

When a “journalist” says “many people” or “some say,” it’s usually just a weak cover for their personal opinion, and that’s all it was in this brief portion of Barbara Walters’ interview with Sarah Palin:

Jim Hoft on what Americans really find scawwy… er, I mean, scary:

She wishes.

What Americans find really, really scary is another two years of the Obama-Pelosi regime. That’s why they voted 63 of the radicals out of office in a historic landslide last month.

In the real world, away from Hollywood and DC pundits, Americans are afraid of another two years of record deficits, historic debt, record unemployment, Keynesian spending, illogical foreign policy and TSA agents groping children, nuns and grandmothers.

Can you imagine Walters reminding Obama that “many people find the thought of you as pwesident scawwy”? It’s true, but she’d never tell him that — and if that’s not evidence of bias, nothing is.

I haven’t yet heard how Palin answered, but I hope she said something like “Of course some would find it scary. I’d slash spending, take a halibut club to wasteful redundancy, trim the pork, sign a repeal of the absolute disaster that is Obamacare and kill enough of the Beltway’s sacred cows to feed every American steak for eight years! Next question, Baba!”

Author: Doug Powers

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