Bill Clinton Was Against the Bush Tax Cuts Before He Was For Them

Last night over at Michelle’s place I wrote about how President Obama met with Bill Clinton to discuss Clinton’s support for the deal Obama made with Republicans that included continuing all Bush tax cuts at all levels.

Go here to read more about that generally odd scene that was an ill-advised move for Obama to call apparently on his own (in the NFL there’s a reason rookie quarterbacks don’t call their own plays — same goes for politics… usually).

President Clinton, who looked to be actively re-claiming that title, spoke of his support for Obama’s compromise.

Here’s what Clinton had to say about the “Bush tax cuts” at the 2004 Democratic Convention:

At home, the president and the Republican Congress have made equally fateful choices, which they also deeply believe in.

For the first time when America was in a war footing in our whole history, they gave two huge tax cuts, nearly half of which went to the top 1 percent of us.

Now, I’m in that group for the first time in my life.

And you might remember that when I was in office, on occasion, the Republicans were kind of mean to me.

But as soon as I got out and made money, I became part of the most important group in the world to them. It was amazing. I never thought I’d be so well cared for by the president and the Republicans in Congress. I almost sent them a thank you note for my tax cuts until I realized that the rest of you were paying the bill for it. And then I thought better of it.

There was a lot more tax-cut bashing from Clinton back then, but you get the point. At the presser yesterday he succeeded in pulling off his support for the Obama compromise and avoid any mention of his past stance on this issue. They don’t call him “Slick” for nothing.

Author: Doug Powers

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