Video: Minneapolis Metrodome Roof Caves In; Global Warming to Blame

The global warming summit in Cancun, Mexico is over, but the record cold temps have migrated northward and the snow and cold caused by global warming is wreaking havoc on our nation’s football stadiums:

The game scheduled Sunday between the Giants and Vikings has been moved to Monday at Ford Field in Detroit, where the roof doesn’t cave in but the Lions usually do (except today — do you believe in miracles? YES!).

However, Michigan has its share of global warming right now too. Here’s a picture from this morning just outside the family compound here in Powerbunkport just as the heat-induced snow was beginning to fall:


It’s several inches deeper now. But that’s just a dusting compared to Minnesota. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air had some video and pics of the global warming in the Gopher State.

(h/t HAP)

Author: Doug Powers

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