National Security Threat Offers Bail Money to National Security Threat

Michael Moore, who is national security threat according to Michelle Obama, offered to put $20,000 toward Julian Assange’s bail, which has now been granted:

UPDATE: Julian Assange has been granted bail, set at $308,000. Prosecutors are appealing but if bail goes through, Assange must also surrender his passport, has a curfew and wear a tracker, according to The Guardian.

The left’s favorite documentary filmmaker announced Tuesday that he has offered the British government a sizable sum to post bail for Julian Assange.

On his website, Michael Moore said he has put up $20,000 for the release of the WikiLeaks founder currently being detained by British officials over sexual assault allegations stemming from Sweden.

Moore was in a high-priced Florida fat farm so he came up with the bail money by not buying donuts and pizza for one day.

Moore’s reason for posting bail is that Assange and Wikileaks did freedom a great service. However, Assange was being held on sex charges (it’s like getting Capone on tax evasion, but whatever works). Even assuming Moore really believes that the world has a right to know everything (an opinion that would rapidly change if the world got to know Michael Moore’s credit card number), does that mean that purveyors of such information should be immune from all other laws?

As far as the charges alone are concerned, Moore gave bail money to a sexual assault suspect, not a “champion of transparency.”

Author: Doug Powers

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