Obama Reads 2nd Graders a Book

What book? His own, naturally:

In the library of Long Branch Elementary School, some four dozen youngsters giggled and squirmed as Obama gave voice to passages from “Of Thee I Sing,” an illustrated volume in the form of a letter to his daughters describing the lives of 13 great Americans. It was written in 2008 but just came out this fall, with proceeds going to a scholarship fund for the children of fallen and disabled soldiers.

“I wanted to borrow you guys, and read to you,” Obama explained, sitting down on a wooden chair as the children sat cross-legged on the carpet.

Why did Obama read them his own book? Because he forgot to bring his copy of Rules for Radicals with him. Next week he’ll stop by and read The Audacity of Hope.

And this is a little heart-breaking:


Why would Obama have to sign an autograph for everybody? This kid asked first — “if you snooze you lose” as they say. Well, greedy capitalists say that, so maybe that’s the problem.

Next time kid, bring an iPad and wear an Obama shirt and you’ll have all the autographs you want:


Author: Doug Powers

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