WikiLeaks Founder’s Attorney: Leaked Documents Perfectly Legal Unless They Contain Information About WikiLeaks Founder

I love the smell of burning irony on a Sunday:

LAWYERS for Julian Assange have expressed anger about an alleged smear campaign against the Australian WikiLeaks founder.

Incriminating police files were published in the British newspaper that has used him as its source for hundreds of leaked US embassy cables.

In a move that surprised many of Mr Assange’s closest supporters on Saturday, The Guardian newspaper published previously unseen police documents that accused Mr Assange in graphic detail of sexually assaulting two Swedish women. One witness is said to have stated: “Not only had it been the world’s worst screw, it had also been violent.”

Bjorn Hurtig, Mr Assange’s Swedish lawyer, said he would lodge a formal complaint to the authorities and ask them to investigate how such sensitive police material leaked into the public domain.

My year will be complete if the police reply, “we got the documents from WikiLeaks, dude.”

For those of you keeping score at home, here’s the deal: leaked documents about Julian Assange being a lousy lay constitutes “sensitive” material that should never see the light of day, but information about national security issues and secrets that can get people killed is the kind of necessary transparency that ultimately makes the world a freer and safer place in which to live.

Julian Assange and Michael Moore should just move to Ironyclown Island and live happily ever after together.

Author: Doug Powers

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