Harry Reid’s Lady Gaga Obsession Just Got Creepier

Forget about the patriotism behind spending as much taxpayer money as humanly possible — Harry Reid also seems to think it’s his constitutional duty to talk up that Lady Gaga booty!

Saturday over at Michelle’s place I wrote about the Senate voting to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Harry Reid was so excited that the first person he Tweeted about it was… Lady Gaga:


Okay, so L-Gag (my pet name for Lady Gaga) is happy that DADT is getting repealed — can we let that go now? No… because the next day Harry’s mind was still all about L-Gag:

On Sunday Sen. Harry Reid’s office circulated a list of events, with pictures, that have occurred since President Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed the START pact on April 8.

They included: Lady Gaga debuted her meat dress; the Chilean miners were trapped and released; Lindsay Lohan went to rehab, left, and went back again; the BP oil spill started and was months later contained; Kanye West released his latest album and apologized to former President George W. Bush; Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged; Conan returned to Late Night; and Donovan McNabb debuted with the Redskins and was benched twice.

In any case, Harry’s now back in his office hard at work, and L-Gag is the furthest thing from his mind:


Author: Doug Powers

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