Two-Thirds of Marine Combat Forces Say Putting Homosexuals in Their Units Will Harm Effectiveness in the Field (and Other Stuff Liberals Don’t Care About)

Two of the tags I used for this post should never, ever be mixed together: PC and War.

We’ve heard from every politician and politically-correct social engineer, both of which are never going to face the working end of an anti-American’s rifle, so maybe it’s time to ask the troops on the ground what effect the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell have on their units:

66.5 percent of U.S. Marine combat forces surveyed by a special Defense Department working group said that putting homosexuals in their units would hurt their effectiveness in the field, and 47.8 percent of Marines in combat units specifically said putting homosexuals in their units would hurt their effectiveness “in an intense combat situation.”

You know how the left would react to that? I’ve got a hundred bucks that says the Defense Department starts homophobia sensitivity training seminars by next spring (if they haven’t already).

Given the above information, as you can tell, the president is quite concerned about the opinion of the US Marine Combat Forces:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House says President Barack Obama plans to sign the repeal of the military’s ban on openly gay service members on Wednesday, four days after the Senate voted to abolish the policy.

I’ve held off on offering a personal opinion on DADT. Why? I prefer to leave the greatest weight of opinion on the matter to the people who’s lives are actually on the line. Too bad our politicians don’t ever consider doing the same.

DADT “Too Much Information” Update: Barney Frank: Sorry, I left my purse at home.

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Author: Doug Powers

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