This is a little like Joe Hazelwood saying the proudest moment of his tanker captain career was when he had the honor of covering the Prince William Sound with oil, and that the harbor seals and clams were just too stupid to know what a favor he did for them.

From Politico:

“Every minute is a new minute to me,” says Nancy Pelosi, and, with boxes packed in the hall outside, the soon-to-be former speaker has already jumped ahead to her vision of the “humming, whirling entity” House Democrats can still be in the coming Congress.

“I’m obviously devastated by the loss we had,” she admits. But expect no tears, no retreat on health care reform.

“Nothing compares — in anything I have ever done — with passing the health care bill.”

I don’t disagree, but amazingly enough I think she’s speaking of that with a level of pride instead of embarrassment. That said, nothing says “it’s a good day” like the visual of Nancy Pelosi moving out of the Speaker’s office, does it?

Pelosi’s final favorable rating as Speaker was the lowest it’s ever been. Yeah, America greatly appreciates the really expensive free stuff, Nanc!


12 Responses to “Pelosi’s Proudest Moment as Speaker: Ramming Through That Bill That Helped Get Her Party’s Ass Kicked Last Month”

  1. Marshall_Will on December 21st, 2010 6:46 pm

    Wow, what says well-moneyed ELITIST quite like:

    "Every minute is a new minute to me"?

    That how the sitch feeling up in MI? Down in OK? You guys been feelin' nuthin but 'giddy' 24/7 over the last TWO YEARS! How 'bout the folks over in the Carolinas? Every minute feeling like a 'new' minute?

    Yeah-huh, and you make us feel good too… Unfortunately for those of us that don't have access to Pelosi Air.., things_____ have felt a little 'different'? Let's try: "Every minute only COMPOUNDS the sheer freaking AGONY of every moment that has come BEFORE it until you think you just couldn't -take- another 'minute'! "

    ( That a little closer for y'all? ) Nan, does us a favor and quit mixing the anti-depressants w/ the female Viagra will ya'? Remember, you're somebody's Grandma fer' chrissakes.

  2. nannykins on December 21st, 2010 7:14 pm

    I am extremely thrilled about the ass kicking too! And I hope to be double thrilled at another ass kicking in 2012. Bub-bye Nancy!!!

  3. MarkJ on December 21st, 2010 8:27 pm

    In 2012, I'm sure Nancy Pelosi will be also very proud of the fact that she helped doom her party to purely regional status for at least a generation.

    Conversation in 2020:

    Question: How many southern white Democrats are currently in Congress?
    Answer: Nice try Einstein, but everyone knows you'll only find one of those in a museum…next to the dinosaur skeletons and stuffed dodos.

  4. OK_Loyalist on December 21st, 2010 10:15 pm

    Don't look now, Steny Hoyer is holding hands with a dude and carrying a purse. LOL

  5. Doug on December 21st, 2010 11:59 pm

    Celebrating the repeal of DADT a few months early, as it were.

  6. SignPainterGuy on December 22nd, 2010 12:20 am

    It might be interesting to know if Nan P was such a loony before the botox…..she is certainly suffering the ill-effects now !

    Dems seem always to be celebrating the wrong things at the wrong times !

  7. OK_Loyalist on December 22nd, 2010 12:52 am

    Thanks for the read. It clearly shows 2 things.

    1) The left are the most insidious of all parasites. They never give up !

    2) Those 2 Maine Senate hacks need their liberal asses Primaried.

  8. Clu Seatoe on December 22nd, 2010 12:56 am

    “Every minute is a new minute to me,”…

    Wow, that’s really deep, man. That must be what its like getting to the place of enlightenment, getting to nirvana.

    Take me with you! Ta-hake me with you, Swami!

  9. Marshall_Will on December 22nd, 2010 12:59 am

    Timely comment. As OK and Doug note in the article linked above, it's all about the Victory Lap/Photo Op. Ask any Lib their position on the Military and they have but (2) stances:

    1) Bring the boys home/End War forever and all time ( simple enough!…? ) and,

    2) Allow Gays in the Military!

    After 'that' ( they haven't a clue! ) But small matter, they have their little social-justice agenda wishlist filled and can now move on to the next misguided objective!

    Well? Now they have virtually NOTHING to whine about! Nevermind they have no idea how to train/integrate these people ( hey, not their problem? ) and setting ppl up for failure seems to be what they do best. Onward & Upward!

  10. Marshall_Will on December 22nd, 2010 1:05 am


    Lost a post due to tech. difficulties, purely on 'my' end but that was my leap-off-the-page gaffe as well.

    Let's see, Pension to DIE for? Check! Cadillac Healthcare Fo' Life. Check. More money than you can shake a stick at? Check!

    Sure, we'd -all- claim Every minute is a NEW minute! Here's 'my' take; "For the last TWO YEARS, 'Every' minute felt like a cumulative/compounding ever-worsening minute that was like we couldn't TAKE another 'minute'! "

    There, 'fixed' that for ya' Nan. No Charge.

  11. SignPainterGuy on December 22nd, 2010 1:07 am

    There`s a few more things they wish to "accomplish" but your point is well taken – even if they had everything they could possibly want laying in their laps, they`d still whine, it`s in their genes !

  12. OK_Loyalist on December 22nd, 2010 1:27 am

    "Sure, we'd -all- claim Every minute is a NEW minute! Here's 'my' take; "For the last TWO YEARS, 'Every' minute felt like a cumulative/compounding ever-worsening minute that was like we couldn't TAKE another 'minute'! " "

    Exactly how I felt !

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