Alan Colmes: More Terror Plots are Hatched by Angry White Non-Muslims

Do liberal talking heads really wonder why they never have their own TV or radio shows that do jack squat in the ratings? Who wants to watch “beyond stupid” for any length of time?

By way of Gateway Pundit:

“The issue is that more of these plots have been hatched by non-Muslims… It’s not just one group. 72 Americans. Angry white Americans. People who are angry at the country who fly planes at the IRS building. People like Tim McVeigh. Angry white Americans.”

Monica Crowley corrected Alan Colmes pointing out that of there have been 126 terror-related arrests in the United States in the last two years… And all of the terror suspects were Muslim.

When Colmes says “angry white people” he’s not talking about William Ayers (old pal of the president Colmes defends daily, by the way) either. He’s talking about right-wing “tea party” types. As far as that goes, it’s “strike three” for Alan, because Joseph Stack, the guy in his example who flew into the IRS building in Austin, Texas, hated Bush/Cheney, was anti-corporate, anti-church, thought the American medical system needed fundamental change and loathed private health insurance companies. Hell, that’s like reading Alan Grayson’s resume — they’re certainly not “angry white Tea Party” platforms. Technically Colmes was correct — Stack wasn’t a Muslim — but his insinuation was misguided as usual.

Roll the idiocy:

I’m continually amazed by people who would rather die for PC than accept even a sliver of the truth.

Of course, Alan Colmes may consider last month’s election results to be tantamount to terrorism, so in his head he probably makes sense.

Author: Doug Powers

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