RIP: Splash — Ted Kennedy’s Beloved Dog, Symbol of Irony

When Ted Kennedy named one of his dogs “Splash” it was almost as if he was mocking critics of his controversial past (it was like the Captain of the Titanic naming his pet “Iceberg”). But that’s neither her nor there. Splash has passed on, and he’s now up there or wherever with the rest of the boys of Camelot sniffing around Marilyn Monroe’s bloomers.

From FOX LA:

One of Washington D.C.’s most famous canines, a Portuguese water dog named Splash who was a constant companion to late Senator Edward M. Kennedy, had died, The Boston Globe reported Thursday.

In an email announcing the death of the 13-year-old canine, Kennedy’s widow, Vicki wrote: “I like to think that he and his Master are playing tennis ball fetch again tonight.”

Rest in peace, Splash. Tell your master that Scott Brown, the guy who took his Senate seat, is well on his way to being a letdown for conservatives — that should help make his night.

Author: Doug Powers

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