‘Most Beautiful Goat’ Competition Underway in Saudi Arabia


I bet these are some seriously jumpy animals:

Riyadh, Dec 29 (DPA) A beauty competition for goats began Wednesday in Saudi Arabia, as part of an auction bringing together traders and herders in the holy Muslim city of Mecca.

Auction supervisor Fawzi al-Subhi said that over 170 animals are competing for the coveted title ‘most beautiful goat’. He expects the winner to be sold for at least $18,000.

Only in the Middle East do they put bikinis on goats and camels but cover their women in boat tarps.

Who’s the goat to bleat in this year’s competition? We’ll find out soon. Probably the most pressure is when the judges ask the goats their opinion on gay marriage, because the wrong answer can earn said goat an “Abu Dhabi necktie.”

Author: Doug Powers

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